Pressure Technologies & Avionics

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FAA Certification

  • Instantaneous Vertical Speed

  • Rate of Climb

  • Manifolds

  • Altimeter (Encoding) - 3 pointer type

  • Air Speed

  • Secession Gauges

  • Fuel Flow
  • RPM Tach

  • Vertical Speed Indicator

  • Dial Restoration - Are you in the process of restoring your prize aircraft?   Well, we’re in the business to help you with putting the final touches on your restoration project.  Or, have you had difficulty reading your instruments, especially during that critical landing moment?  We want to focus on both looks and safety of your aircraft.  Just send us your old faded and yellowed instruments and we’ll restore the dial & face plate and make them look brand new once again. 


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Pressure Technologies & Avionics


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